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Push Notifications

Reduce the risk of missing deadlines and ensure on time completion of tasks with Push Notifications. When a new task is allocated to a user Forms@Hand allows you to ‘push’ a ‘new task notification’ to their device to inform them.


When working remotely your staff may need to quickly and easily produce formatted raw data. Forms@Hand provides a range of customisation options that allow you to reflect your branding and style. Retain control over your brand by connecting your existing company MS Excel and MS Word templates to report directly from Forms@Hand.

Push Data

Forms@Hand allows you to push data from your device to a wide range of applications via data connectors including CSV, Google, FTP and email. Easily generate Word, Excel and PDF outputs in documents branded for your organisation with our powerful data template functionality.

Pull Data

Just like pushing data you can pull data from other applications into your forms with a wide range of data connectors including CSV, Google and email. Connect and import data from systems like SharePoint into your mobile apps. It’s as simple as filtering the data you need to be pulled across.


Build your brand and your reputation with custom template branding. Your clients trust you and value the service you deliver. Our template solution allows you to integrate data into your branded documents so that you can continually reinforce your value to them.


Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile workforce and ensure seamless end of shift information exchange between employees. Forms@Hand’s cloud based storage requires no additional hardware to store your data.

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