Electrical Field Service Package

The Electrical Field Service Package provides Electrical and Electronical Maintenance Departments to manage Work Requests and Capital Work projects to be electronically requested and automatically queued. The Electrical/Electronic Request forms can be emailed to Maintenance Planners, managers and/or transferred to Maintenance Management System (MMS), CMMS, MSS (Maintenance Service Software) emailed as a .doc or .pdf, or any other workflow system you use.

Electrical and Electronic Request soft forms are complete, you can use them directly from the package without any changes or can be modified to suit your particular needs. Within this package, you can also add or remove forms as you feel the need.

The Forms At Hand Electrical/Electronic Request for Work Package can be used on any Windows, Android or iOS (Apple) platform. The forms can both be partly filled in and saved, or the finished form sent directly to your choice of workflow including database, Dropbox, email and/or CMMS.

Low Voltage Live Permit to Work

The electronic form enables an online method to fill in and submit an Electrical or Electronic Maintenance Permit to Work on low voltage installations. The form in the package ensures appropriate safety checks and recognition of a safe work environment. The authorised person needs to sign the electronic form and can provide photos or videos directly on the form prior to approval and publish.


Prescribed Electrical Work

Scheduled electrical maintenance is controlled by maintenance planners who ensure appropriate spares and personal are available to complete the Electrical/Electronic Maintained work. This electronic form allows requestors to specify the work that needs to be done, when it is needed, intervals and other particulars relating to the work. Permit to carry our scheduled or prescribed work.


Inspection Test Plan

Organisations with elctroincally controlled and monitored confined spaces, sealed vessels, hazardous areas need to maintain appropriate inspections for Occupational Health and Safety audit requirements and to meet legal obligations. This online form provides a multi-page form for Inspection Test Planning and a one page check list of yes/no questions along with the ability for the approver to sign their name. Users can request us to add the ability to add pictures and/or videos.


Simple Electrical Order Form

This is a multi-page form which is used to capture information regarding the Electrical or Electronic about the electrical work order. The first page can be used to capture basic information about work needed and the second page captures information about equipment needed, spares and specialist knowledge, and the third page captures information about Labour. The last page shows summary.
Last page also captures the signature of the user who submits the form. The form can also be made to capture pictures or videos on request.


Electrical Maintenance Field Work

A special purpose electronic form to processes work performed by field service workers in fields such as HVAC and maintenance. The form can include video and pictures on request.


Service Job Log

Much like the Electrical Maintenance Field Work form, this form provides an example of a field service job log Form which can be filled out by workers visiting customer locations. The use of repeating page to capture multiple service lines and calculates fees and invoices. This form includes a simple data template which generates a custom PDF output that can be emailed to the client.


Equipment Identification Schedule

Electronic Audits and electrical assets lists are essential for maintenance departments and Electrical Stores. The soft form allows uses to electronically log electrical equipment which can then be sent via email or data transferred into a CMMS, CSS or other electronica Asset Identification or Asset Repository system.


Equipment for Repair

Notification and scheduling Electrical Equipment for repair is vital to ensuring appropriate and timely spares. This general purpose capture of equipment repairs and outcomes is essential to ensure electrical assets are tracked and maintained to an appropriate compliant standard.