Health and Safety (OH&S) Package

The Health and Safety (Oh&S) Package is designed for professionals in Administration, Engineering and all other departments within any organisation and allows them to move towards a paperless office in requesting for work to be done, permits to work, etc.

The forms already included in this OH&S Forms Package by Forms At Hand are complete and can either be used out of the box without any changes or can be modified to suit your particular needs. Within this package, you can also request us to build new forms based on your existing paper forms or design from scratch.

The Forms At Hand HR Soft Form Package can be used on any Windows, Android or iOS (Apple) platform. HR Forms can both be partly filled in and saved, or the finished form sent to an email address as a document or pdf, transferred directly into a database or Dropbox, or any other preference you may have.

These up to date forms use the latest technology and therefore will allow users to take pictures and videos which can be applied form, and to sign the form on the screen before completion and submission.

Fire Plan

It is a legal requirement for organisations to train their personnel in the event of fires or other emergency situations. This online form is specifically designed to capture what was trained, who was trained, and when the training occurred which can be used for company audits at a later stage.


Harness Inspection

Organisations that use harnesses for elevated work such as tall vessels, buildings, trees, etc. require an official record of each harness being inspected with a date and possibly a picture of the harness. This online form can provide this full functionality and can be made mandatory for the inspector to sign and date the form on the screen. The form can then be sent as a doc, pdf or transferred into your organisation’s database.


Monthly Meeting Checklist

A soft form to enable onsite in-plant meetings which can be organised by inputting the agenda and attendees prior to the meeting and recording the minutes of the meeting. The agenda and finalised minutes can be automatically distributed to attendees at the conclusion of the meeting electronically or transferred to an electronic database for referenced at a later date.


Orientation Checklist

For insurance purposes and legal requirements, it is important to ensure the orientation of new employees includes specific items and record iof when this was carried out. This electronic form allows the new employee to sign that the full checklist was covered and that they understand what was explained and shown. The soft form can then be sent to either email or directly into the organisation’s database.


Protective Equipment Issue

Protection equipment is expensive and keeping track of who has what is an important method to minimise asset expenditure. This online form allows protective equipment storekeepers to record who has what at the place the equipment is being issued and can allow the borrower to sign for the equipment as it is being taken. This form ideally can send the information directly to the organisation’s database so that alerts can be issued if the equipment is not returned in a timely manner.


Health and Safety Policy

Organisations need to keep their personnel up to date with current changes in company’s Health and Safety Policy. This soft form allows changes to be updated and automatic distribution of the new Health and Safety Policy. Using this soft form ensures a record of who the notice was sent too and can be integrated to advise who has opened the document for review.


Training Record

The Training Record form lists the necessary training that must be given and details the time and place where this occurred. There can be a place where the trainee must sign the electronic document on the screen to confirm the training was completed and the form can be either emailed or transferred into the company’s database for future reference.


Workplace Inspection

Organisations are required to regularly check the workplace for Occupational Safety, conformance, regulatory, etc. This online electronic form is used to capture the actual Workplace Inspection that can be included in a formal Audits with the auditor’s signature captured at the place the audit is completed. The completed form can also capture pictures or videos on request.