Maintenance Package

The Maintenance Forms Package is designed for professionals in Engineering and Maintenance Departments who are involved in maintenance, capital works, industrial audits, Engineering Stores warehousing, etc. This package allows the mechanical maintenance and electrical maintenance facility of your organisation to move towards a paperless office in requesting for work to be done, permits to work, etc.

The forms already included in this Maintenance Forms package by Forms At Hand are complete and can either be used out of the box without any changes or can be modified to suit your particular needs. Within this package, you can also request us to build new forms based on your existing paper forms or design from scratch.

The Forms At Hand HR Soft Form Package can be used on any Windows, Android or iOS (Apple) platform. HR Forms can both be partly filled in and saved, or the finished form sent to an email address as a document or pdf, transferred directly into a database or Dropbox, or any other preference you may have.

These up to date forms use the latest technology and therefore will allow users to take pictures and videos which can be applied form, and to sign the form on the screen before completion and submission.

Access Permit Engineering

Maintenance Engineers and other personal involved in the Maintenance process are required to prepare and approve confined area permits and checklist for advisory safety signs, warnings, radios and other equipment. This online form is a checklist of the most common maintenance and safety equipment and the form can be modified to suit any specific application.


New Asset

New machinery installed and upgraded machinery components need to be identified and logged into your asset record system such as CMMS (Content Maintenance Management System) or CSS (Content Service System). The form can be modified on request to capture pictures and video of the equipment and allow users to sign forms before they are submitted as complete. The information captured can be automatically entered into the organisations’ asset database or emailed as a csv, doc or pdf.


Work Request

Enables an online paperless Formal Work Request system to enable planning of work and ensuring appropriate spares are available. The form can be modified on request to capture the work done and allow for pictures and/or videos to be captured on the form for later reference.