Build dynamic applications for your business processes

Intuitive application building platform puts YOU in charge of data collection

Forms@Hand delivers you the ability to build business process forms that complement your enterprise software platforms via our electronic form builder platform.

With no knowledge of coding Forms@Hand gives you the control to easily build forms that will help you make better business decisions.

From collecting process data, managing reporting or creating complex workflows Forms@Hand is a simple solution to often complicated processes.

A flexible and cost effective solution to collection and reporting of information necessary to managing a remote workforce.

Forms@Hand dynamic form builder
Forms@Hand dynamic form builder

Drag and drop functionality

Utilising simple icons and an easy to understand visual layout Forms@Hand makes the creation of your workflow and process mapping forms easier than ever before.


Quickly design & customise forms for your business.


Forms@Hand delivers solutions through features including:

Conditional logic
Formula builder
GPS & map location
Barcode & QR Code scanning
Signatures & drawing
Photo, video & audio capture
Cloud based system, no hardware required
Forms@Hand dynamic form builder
Forms@Hand dynamic form builder


Forms saved on your device sync when you’re back online

Take photos and share with colleagues and clients

Comprehensive set of API’s for integration with existing systems

Android and iOS compatible

Secure information at the document, user and company level

Flexible, customisable, dynamic & robust online forms for your business